Critical Curating: Practices, Research and Infrastructures

Carolina Rito curates public programme with European Artistic Research Network and Coventry Biennial, 10th November 2023, at The Herbert Gallery and Museum, Coventry. Guest speakers: Bige Örer (Istanbul Biennial & İKSVi), Cătălin Gheorghe (George Enescu National University of the Arts, Iași), Henk Slager (HKU Utrecht),…

Critical Practices Talks

Critical Practices Talks is a series of monthly conversations curated by Carolina Rito with researchers and practitioners in the fields of art, curating, critical theory and museum studies. These conversations explore the capabilities of practice to produce knowledge, advance critical inquiries and intervene in society.

Practice Research Symposium

Carolina Rito and Anthony Downey organised a day event with keynote speakers Michael Schwab (Journal for Artistic Research) and Emily Pringle (Tate).

Life Futures

Carolina Rito is a researcher in the Life Futures project with Daniele Lorenzini (Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick), Federico Testa (Institute of Advanced Studies and Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick). Partners: Warwick University, Coventry City of Culture 2021, Coventry University, and Herbert Museum…

Black Arts Movement in Coventry

This project explores the legacy of the British Black Art Movement (BAM) in the 1980s in Coventry. Coventry University and City of Culture project with MAOKWO and the Herbert Gallery and Museum.

Curatorial Forum Symposium*

Correspondence with Carolina Rito, Laurence Rassel, Felicity Allen, and Françoise Vergès. Curated by Yana Klichuk, Alina Belishkina and Joana Monbaron.

What Is the Curatorial Doing? (PDF)

Carolina Rito, “What Is the Curatorial Doing?”, in Carolina Rito and Bill Balaskas eds., Institution as Praxis — New Curatorial Directions for Collaborative Research (Sternberg Press, 2020) (Author)